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Welcome to Your Healthy Dog!

About Me


Hi everyone and welcome to Your Healthy Dog!

Our plan is to help you find the very best nutrition products for your dog. Foods have changed over the last couple of years and in my opinion, for the better. Let us help you find what works the best so that you can make an informed decision in any stage of your pets life. In addition to foods we will include ideas on training, exercise and anything else we can think of to keep your dog healthy, safe and fun for the both of you!

My Best Friend

From the time I was eight years old I have never been without a dog. Still, to this day I could never imagine not having my Sadie by my side. Sadly enough, back in late February my dear Sadie a miniature schnauzer passed away at the age of 14. She was my shadow and my world revolved around her. We did everything together. She used to take hikes with me, loved riding on the kayak as we paddled around the lake. Any time I would jump into the water she would always follow. I would like to think her life was better because of me. In all actuality, my life was truly better because of her.

Sadie along with many other dogs I’ve had through the years will always hold a very special spot in my heart for the rest of my life. Yes I am truly very much a dog lover….

Our Purpose


Over the years I have learned in a big way that nutrition plays an important role in your dogs life. Learning what foods should never be given to your dog and which will promote a strong, healthy and vibrant life are extremely important.

At Your Healthy Dog we will do our very best in helping you to have the peace of mind in knowing your making good decisions for your dogs health and well-being. Please feel free to contact me by email at

Frederick Chapman
Founder of Your Healthy Dog

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